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Current Exhibitions | Australian War Memorial

The Memorial's exhibitions include permanent gallery spaces covering Australia's involvement in each major conflict, and temporary exhibitions that explore other various aspects of our military history.

Plan your visit to the Memorial to get acquainted with the physical location of each exhibition gallery and choose a tour that suits your interests.

Current Exhibitions

Hearts and minds: wartime propaganda
Mezzanine Gallery, Anzac Hall
The Memorial holds a large collection of wartime posters from government-issued campaign posters to handmade posters protesting the war in Vietnam. Hearts and minds: wartime propaganda introduces this collection, featuring home-front propaganda from the First and Second World Wars.

Commemorating the battle of Beersheba
Reg Saunders Gallery, Lower Level
A series of sculptures in recognition of the role played by horses in the First World War is on display in the Captain Reg Saunders Gallery to mark the 100th anniversary of the battle of Beersheba.

The Memorial in Landscape
Research Centre, Reading Room
The Memorial in Landscape explores the history and significance of the Memorial site, tracing the lineage of the Memorial's location in the Griffin plan for Canberra from the Palace of Versailles, presenting exquisite unrealised plans for the gardens, and telling how it came to be established within a bushland setting with space for commemoration in its grounds.

The Holocaust: Witnesses and Survivors
Ground Level
This exhibition represents the Holocaust through the experiences of some of the survivors who made new lives in post-war Australia, as well as those of Australian official war artist Alan Moore.

The Colonial Conflicts
Lower Level
These galleries tell of Australia's early military history from European settlement to the end of the Boer War.

First World War Gallery
Ground Level
The exhibition presents the story of Australia in the First World War chronologically, covering all major theatres of operations: Gallipoli; the Western Front; Sinai and Palestine; and the war at sea.

Second World War Gallery
Ground Level
The Second World War Galleries show how Australians fought in campaigns in Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa and south-east Asia. It covers the experience of those on the home front, for it was during this war that the Australian mainland came under direct attack for the first time.

Conflicts 1945 to Today
Lower Level
This series of exhibitions combine cutting edge technology with large iconic objects to tell powerful stories about Australian involvement in conflicts over six decades.

Memorial Features
In addition to our exhibitions, our historical building is something to explore. Find out the significance and commemorative roll of different parts of our incredible building, and special galleries such as Anzac Hall.

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